The Shadow and The Storm (stormkeeper) wrote in shadow_seekers,
The Shadow and The Storm

Announcement - Startup...

Yes, that's right, the community is done, and setup faster than I expected!

I'll look into getting a photo place set up soon....

Until then though, lemme know what you think of the idea, or anything I should add... I'd recommend joining up though, to beat the rush as it were, and have early access privelages. :)

Remember, my Nikolas_Rashino journal no longer deals with the paranormal posts, they now go here...

As a note of interest, at the moment, there are 4 types of posts:

Announcements - Just to let you know what's happening community/site wise.

Investigation Reports - With or without photos... will be specified in the title.

Investigation Photos - In case the photos don't come out in time for the report.

Investigation Notifications - When my next excursion is... perhaps eventually, I'll take on a few people to come with me, but I want to get a feel for things by myself first, but then again, I may do a few solos, as I'm a member of a paranormal group. Otherwise if it isn't for solo vigils, it's the next group one I'm going on, usually I'd just go with the one group, but that isn't to say that I wouldn't go with another group if I was given the opportunity... I live for the experience, but that said, I'm not going with a group unless they have some experience in the matter and have an even balance. I had too many bad experiences with the last group I was in, which I helped set up as well, in that they were too scientific, and I was the only spiritual person there.

Anyway, that's gotten most of the intro stuff out in the open... Now, post away :)
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