The Shadow and The Storm (stormkeeper) wrote in shadow_seekers,
The Shadow and The Storm

One more change... go figure

Irish Paranormal is now Storm Rain Paranormal!

You'll be glad to hear this is the last change now. All that is left to do is change the collour scheme of the site to match the main website and that's all the major changes sorted. I also need to start posting to this again, lol.

I'll post up a notification of the most recent investigation I've done, as well as Storm Rain podcast details. Watch this space.

UR: for Storm Rain & storm Rain PAranormal are and respectively. Happy surfing.


PS: The sites are currently in the process of being overhauled, albeit slowly, but the majority of stuff is in place, it's generally just aesthetics and content at the moment, as well as a bit of shuffling...
Tags: announcements, changes
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