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*GRIN* Heading into Samhain Season

Soemthing about the rain makes me very very happy. Maybe it's the fact that I know that autumn is finally getting here and the temps will cool down. And the closer we get to Halloween/Samhain, the more active all the cemeteries are getting. Bloomington, where I am at, has a lot of neat little cemeteries. With a lot of 200+ year old graves. Ok, Andrew can shut it right now, as I KNOW the UK has tons much older than that. ;p But in the US, a 200 year old grave is soemthing to cheer about. Especially since I live in the limestone capitol of the world and we have some KICK ASS limestone graves around here.

Also, the influx of new students to campus has stirred up some of the local ghosts. Nothing like seeing a suicide ghost hanging out at a bus stop amidst the living students. Made me chuckle this morning on the busride into work. Which was needed, seeing as the busses are now packed like sardine tins. *chuckles*
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