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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
8:20 am
One more change... go figure
Irish Paranormal is now Storm Rain Paranormal!

You'll be glad to hear this is the last change now. All that is left to do is change the collour scheme of the site to match the main website and that's all the major changes sorted. I also need to start posting to this again, lol.

I'll post up a notification of the most recent investigation I've done, as well as Storm Rain podcast details. Watch this space.

UR: for Storm Rain & storm Rain PAranormal are http://www.stormrain.net and http://www.stormrainparanormal.org respectively. Happy surfing.


PS: The sites are currently in the process of being overhauled, albeit slowly, but the majority of stuff is in place, it's generally just aesthetics and content at the moment, as well as a bit of shuffling...

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
2:51 pm
I'm making IP/ShS a solo operation again now, for at least another year, while I properly get my bearings... eventually, I'll make it a fully-fledged group, but not now. When it does become a group, I'm starting with Ireland, and staying with it for a few months before expanding properly to the UK. Despite this, I'm still going to be organising group investigations... albeit temporary groups. People may come on as many investigations as they like though...
Friday, March 10th, 2006
10:14 pm
Shadow Seekers is now...
Irish Paranormal, meaning that this community will be undergoing some changes eventually. While the community may stay the same in terms of its name, it will tie into the IP website. Currently, IP has a picture gallery, forums and a wiki. You can add your own contributions to the picture gallery if you wish.
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
12:39 pm
*GRIN* Heading into Samhain Season
Soemthing about the rain makes me very very happy. Maybe it's the fact that I know that autumn is finally getting here and the temps will cool down. And the closer we get to Halloween/Samhain, the more active all the cemeteries are getting. Bloomington, where I am at, has a lot of neat little cemeteries. With a lot of 200+ year old graves. Ok, Andrew can shut it right now, as I KNOW the UK has tons much older than that. ;p But in the US, a 200 year old grave is soemthing to cheer about. Especially since I live in the limestone capitol of the world and we have some KICK ASS limestone graves around here.

Also, the influx of new students to campus has stirred up some of the local ghosts. Nothing like seeing a suicide ghost hanging out at a bus stop amidst the living students. Made me chuckle this morning on the busride into work. Which was needed, seeing as the busses are now packed like sardine tins. *chuckles*

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
7:04 pm
So months ago, a little bird said I should join this community. And I thought I did...but as per my luck with technology, it didn't take. ;)

I'm Sky, bane of machines. I talk to dead things and make light bulbs explode. *bows* *grins*
5:55 pm
Hello to all my name is Loki. My real name will be given in time to all that seek it. I am an experienced ghost hunter and I am not afraid to go to haunted places. I love them.

Anyone who is interested in contacting me may do so by posting in my journal, or by emailing me. Myaddress is lokis_playground@hotmail.com.

That's all for now, I'll post again soon.

Monday, August 8th, 2005
2:59 am
Shadow Seekers now has a forum on Storm Rain dot net. While I don't have anything to actually say, as the report was mostly mentioned on Essex Paranormal's forums, I do have some pictures located at http://www.stormkeeper.net/temp under "Maes Artro" if anyone is interested.

That's about it for now, though come September, I'll have a report for this place, hopefully.

Also, one last thing; I'm moving the paranormal pics to my own website too meaning I can host more pictures as opposed to the 10mb limit that Photobucket gave me...
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
9:34 pm
Progress, or rather lack of...
You've prolly noticed that there hasn't really been that much of an update, but that's mainly since I haven't been anywhere yet! However, if I don't get anything done over the next couple of weeks, I should be doing an investigation with a group on the 16th of April, so I'll be sure to either write up a few notes the following day, or stick up some photos, depending on how things go, and how well my camera works... It tends to be crap doing night shots, so I may be better off getting a new camera that can take such shots...

I should prolly consider writing up about past investigations I've participated in as well, if I can remember enough details, hehe...
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
10:34 am
Hi people new here:)
NAmes Marigold

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
6:44 pm
Please welcome skygryphon to the community. She will help maintin this community along with I. Granted, the community is only us two at the moment, but I'm getting used to the routine, lol.

Anyway, we also have a gallery now as well, or one that should last until I get a gallery sorted out on the domain. It's located at http://photobucket.com/albums/y35/Shadow_Seekers/ and hopefully, there will eventually be pictures up... Just not right now.

That's about it for now.
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
9:17 pm
Announcement - Startup...
Yes, that's right, the community is done, and setup faster than I expected!

I'll look into getting a photo place set up soon....

Until then though, lemme know what you think of the idea, or anything I should add... I'd recommend joining up though, to beat the rush as it were, and have early access privelages. :)

Remember, my Nikolas_Rashino journal no longer deals with the paranormal posts, they now go here...

As a note of interest, at the moment, there are 4 types of posts:

Announcements - Just to let you know what's happening community/site wise.

Investigation Reports - With or without photos... will be specified in the title.

Investigation Photos - In case the photos don't come out in time for the report.

Investigation Notifications - When my next excursion is... perhaps eventually, I'll take on a few people to come with me, but I want to get a feel for things by myself first, but then again, I may do a few solos, as I'm a member of a paranormal group. Otherwise if it isn't for solo vigils, it's the next group one I'm going on, usually I'd just go with the one group, but that isn't to say that I wouldn't go with another group if I was given the opportunity... I live for the experience, but that said, I'm not going with a group unless they have some experience in the matter and have an even balance. I had too many bad experiences with the last group I was in, which I helped set up as well, in that they were too scientific, and I was the only spiritual person there.

Anyway, that's gotten most of the intro stuff out in the open... Now, post away :)
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